Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yankee Candles.

I've always wanted to buy a Yankee Candle, but what always gets me is how expensive they are. Are they infact worth the price? I decided to opt for the small candle, and it was around the £5-6 mark, because it was one of those ones which had been opened for people to smell. The other small candles were amount the £8 mark. I was drawn to the clean cotton smell in particular and am now obsessed with lighting it whilst I do revision. It has such a fresh smell and definitely makes the room you're in more homely. Although I loved it, I am a student and am on a budget so will experiment with different brands. I'll be sad when I've finished this candle, though I think they're great for a present for someone.

What's your favourite brand of candle? 



  1. I love Yankee candles too and price is something I consider being a student aswell. If you get a candle diffuser, you can buy the smaller Yankee candles (with no wick) for like 70p and they last just as long:-)x

  2. This is one of my favorite scents by Yankee Candle! I am a bit of a candle addict (my apartment building has a very strong stench of Curry) and I have gone through a lot. Like the typical blogger, I have gone through a lot of Bath and Body Works candles, as well as other less expensive brands (from Target and Walmart mostly) but I find that none of them last as long as the Yankee Candle ones. The Alex and Ani candles (although expensive) lasts SOOO long. I've had one since October that I burn pretty consistently and is only halfway gone.