Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Makeup | Kate Moss Lipsticks

Kate Moss lipsticks are loved by so many, for the colour range, for the pigmentation and for being affordable. As well as owning these two, (08 on the left and 01 on the right) I also own 107. I personally have mixed reviews on these lipsticks. 

Whilst I do agree they do have a good colour range I haven't been particularly excited by 01. First off, I think 01 is too bright for my skin colour, my own fault, so for this reason I wouldn't repurchase it. I find it quite hard to apply due to the colour being so bold, so applying it precisely is quite difficult. Perhaps using a lip brush would make it easier. I've found its quite transferable which effects the overall appearance of it. As a result I have had to reapply it frequently. It smudges very easily so if you're on a night out, it is a product I would not recommend. Even after blotting a few times I still find the colour bleeds.

I feel similar towards 107, however I do love the colour, it comes out as a rich wine colour and is perfect  for the colder months. This one is more of a matte colour. I don't find it dries my lips out, in general I think it's quite moisturising. It's definitely a build able colour, if you're looking for less of a bold colour you could apply less, blot or even use a lipbrush to control how much product you are using. Whilst I am in set in my ways in my opinion on 01, I want to give this product another try as I know so many people love this shade and rave about it being a great lipstick. 

I love the shade 08. I think it resembles Max Factor's English Rose, however there are some differences as 08 is a matte colour and English Rose has more of a shine and has a silver shimmer in it. I'd say this is a great day to day colour and that it would look pretty with a neutral eye. 

What's your opinions on Kate Moss lipsticks?


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