Monday, 20 January 2014

'Pamper Evening'

Hi everyone!

After a long stressful week of being a student I like to treat myself with a pamper evening at the weekend. However, because of the exam period at the moment it has to be a quick session!

I like to start by having a shower and using the TRESemme Thermal Recovery Treatment Masque. As I dye my hair every few months, I like to make sure I keep it in good condition. This masque is very hydrating and leaves my hair feeling very soft and healthy. It is great to use if like me you often use heat on your hair. I leave the masque on my hair for about five minutes then wash it out.

I then moisturise my skin with the Palmer's 'Intensive Relief body lotion'. It definitely does the job of hydrating your skin leaving it soft, however it has quite a greasy consistency and I find it takes a while to dry making it a bit awkward. One thing I particularly like is the scent being cocoa butter! I would love to try a new body moisturiser so if you have any favourites that you use please leave a comment below! 

I then move onto my face. I like to use my 'Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish'. It has definitely been a revolutionary product in the skincare world. It's great for all skin types and all ages. Its perfect for taking off any left over make up, including the hard to remove products like waterproof mascara. The cleanser itself is very creamy and is plant based. It consists of two steps, as the product suggests, it involves both cleansing and polishing the skin. The polishing step works by using the muslin cloth which comes with the product. It removes any dead skins cells that might be there and exfoliates your face, leaving it feeling very clean!

During the exam period my skin tends to break out more due to stress so I like to use a face masque. The one I have lying around currently is the 'Montagne Jeunesse Anti Stress Chocolate Masque'. I think I seem to be going with the theme of chocolate smelling products in this post! I tend to leave it on between 10-15 minutes, basically until the masque has set. Then I just wash it off with warm water. My favourite masque by this brand is the peeling off ones. Weirdly I find it quite satisfying peeling it all off after! This masque is great for unblocking pores, allowing any impurities you may have to be drawn out. 

To lock in the moisture I apply a small amount of Simple's 'Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser'. I think this is a great moisturiser and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy after application. What's great is that its perfect for sensitive skin which is fab for me as some skincare products can be too harsh for my skin. 

I then finish off with my nails. As I already have my nails done, I like to prolong them as long as possible. To do this I use CND's 'Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner'. This was something my Mum introduced me to and it definitely does make a difference on how long my nails last. I apply it to the cuticles and nails every day, what it does is it penetrates and protects the nail and cuticle area, making the nail stronger and keeping them healthy. I actually really like the almond scent of this product. The product itself is made of a range of different oils and also includes Vitamin E. 

That's it for my pamper evening as I have to get straight back to revision!

What does your pamper session consist of?
Let me know as I'd be really interested to know.



  1. All great products! I really want to try that Liz Earle cleanser- it looks lovely! Followed on Bloglovin' x

  2. I really like it as a cleanser, I got the tester set of four Liz Earle products for Christmas, when I run out depending on money I may repurchase or I've heard that No7's Hot cloth cleanser is basically a dupe for it, although it isn't as good as the Liz Earle one.

    Thank you x