Saturday, 18 January 2014

Topic of controversy

I think the topic of whether private school is better than state school is a controversial topic. Having gone to a public school I definitely don't feel I have missed out on anything by not attending private school.

I came across this article written by an individual at the University of Bristol expressing her views on private school in relation to state school and how'd she'd prefer not to go to school with the "yobbos" at state schools. According to her article, "some things only money can buy - and a good education is one of them." Whilst I understand private schools have smaller classrooms to achieve greater one to one interaction I don't think its fair to say that individuals who attend public school won't gain a good education. What amused me most was how she stated that private schools receive higher grades than state schools then concluded it was because "they are cleverer", irony at its best.
Whilst my school did not have "stables and squash courts" like these apparent private schools, I still believe I learnt important life lessons such as "leadership" and "being a team player". There were plenty of other activities I could partake in to learn the same lessons..

In my opinion it comes down to how much the individual wants it to whether or not they will gain success. A student at a state school has just as much of an equal chance of knowing someone who can introduce them to an opportunity to a student at private school.  I believe some individuals can benefit from having private education due to whatever the circumstance may be, however something which always irritates me up is the narrow mindedness of individuals who believe in order to gain good education you must possess the class of an elitist.



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