Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lifestyle | My Room at Uni

Hi everyone!

The one word which people always describe me as is QUIRKY. Many of my friends have said this is reflected in my room. I thought today I'd show you a few things in my room as I'm pretty happy with how I've decorated it as it perfectly reflects my personality. A lot of things have been given to me by my Mum or friends who know me to an absolute 't'. 

My wall I found was quite bare and as we aren't allowed to paint it, I thought I'd brighten up the room by putting up some wrapping paper. I got this particular paper from paper chase. 

You can get a better idea of my bedding here:

These two canvases were beautifully painted by one of my best friends as a birthday present. Each year she paints me a new canvas. I love how sentimental they are and the detail that she puts in. (Sorry about the poor lighting on some of those images.) 

These are my pretty little fairy lights I have hanging across one of my walls. They were a house warming present from my Mum, they look great in the evenings when I have all my lights off. I think they are a set of 20 or 25 and were from Next. 

This was another cute thing that my Mum sent me, the quote is by Edward Monkton and definitely reflects my personality. I keep this on my desk as it is very sentimental to me.

I am a massive lover of food, so this box is perfect for me when I want something that I 'shouldn't eat'. I really like the concept of it and think it looks unique sitting on my shelf.

This is a little box that I got given by a friend for my birthday, it's perfect for keeping hair ties and bobby pins in as I seem to find I always lose them. I sometimes wonder whether my floor just eats them all up!

This was a little night light my Mum sent me last week, I love the pattern and looks super cute in my room. She knows me way too well.

Those are a few of things I particularly love in my room.
If you'd like me to write a post on a particular thing let me know in the comments section.



  1. The Penny Lane picture your friend did for you is so special! It looks amazing. I love your fairy lights too, Next have a great line of homeware. x

    1. thank you! she's so talented, i can't wait for what she paints me this year! totally agree on the next homeware front, i love my fairy lights, makes my room look so cosy! x

  2. I love the painting, that is such a lovely gift and so personal too.


  3. awh thank you! we have a deal where instead of her buying me something she paints me something, much prefer it as I love sentimental things!
    followed you on bloglovin' :)