Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lifestyle | Self Image & Body Confidence

Hi everyone!

I know I've already written a post today but I really wanted to do a lifestyle post and address the topic of self image and body confidence. For girls growing up there is intense pressure to be and look a certain way, but why? As long as your healthy and happy with your own weight, why does it matter if you're not a size zero?

The society we are currently live in idolises celebrities and their lifestyle. We become addicted to how they look, and what they do to look that way. We've all been there, searching for a new diet to try out to quickly lose the pounds, but realistically these 'fad diets' won't permanently keep off the weight and will cause your body more damage than it's worth. The key thing is be healthy, each individuals 'healthy weight' differs and it involves looking at your height, gender, bone structure and metabolism. Therefore its impossible to compare yourself to other people and worry that you might not be as thin as them. As long as your confident within yourself then others will see it too.

If people comment about your appearance or body weight, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself are YOU happy with yourself and the way you look and feel? Nobody else's opinion matters but your own. Only you know how you feel and only you can help yourself if you're not happy with what you see.

Why should we feel the need to all look the same? Essentially our appearance reflects the person we are on the inside and we express this through clothing, make up, hair, piercings etc. One thing I love about being a Brightonian is the diversity of people, personally I think its refreshing, they have nocare in the world what other people think about them and they themselves are confident with who they are. Something I think a lot of people struggle with. With the fashion world, there is always something for everyone, we buy things we feel confident in and that coordinates with our personality. If someone else doesn't like a piece of clothing that we wear, should we stop wearing it? The answer is no, as long as you like it, who cares what anyone else thinks. There is bound to be others out there who share the same taste as you.

The point I'm trying to get across is that we should be confident in ourselves and realise everyone has flaws. No one is perfect.

Body confidence is a struggle for many and this is something the media still needs to address, particularly within the modelling world. The photos we are presented with aren't realistic and are photo shopped in order for the model to look perfect and desirable. The video linked below I feel perfectly demonstrates this and carries an important message on self image.



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