Monday, 3 February 2014

Nails | Going Out

Every so often I enjoy going out to town and hitting the clubs. In preparation for the night out, it is essential I have my nails painted as I feel it completes the outfit. These 5 would be my top picks.

From left to right:

Rimmel 60 Seconds - 315 Ready Aim Paint. - £2.69
Models Own - Mystic Mauve. - £5.00
Barry M Nail Paint - Gold Glitter - £3.99
Barry M Nail Paint - Amethyst Glitter  - £3.99
Barry M Nail Paint - Diamond Glitter - £3.99

Ready Aim Paint is one of the 60 seconds nail polishes by Rimmel. I wouldn't agree that it takes just 60 seconds to dry, but it definitely does dry fast. The colour is a classic bold red, perfect for a night out. The colour tends to last around 4-5 days if applied with a topcoat.

Mystic Mauve is a dusty pink foil finish nail polish, it's incredibly pigmented and applies smoothly. After only 1 or 2 coats it is fully opaque. Post application it makes the nails look super shiny.

I love Barry M glitter nail polishes, they're such great value for money. I usually need to apply about 3/4 coats depending on the colour. Amethyst Glitter is a mix of turquoise, purple, gold, pink and black small hexagonal glitter which is suspended in a clear base. Diamond glitter consists of different sizes of holographic glitter with micro fine glitter all in a clear base. This colour would be perfect to apply on top of another colour or just on its own. Applying on top of another colour requires less coats to create a sparkly effect. These polishes are fast drying and last up to a week. My only complaint would be that they are so hard to remove! I feel I have to properly scrub my nails for ages with nail polish remover to get every last bit off.

What's your favourite nail polishes to wear on a night out?


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  1. Models own are my favourite I love all their colours and their metallics are always soo easy to apply and dry xx